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Simple Styling Tricks to Take Your Spring Wardrobe to the Next Level

Simple Styling Tricks to Take Your Spring Wardrobe to the Next Level

As a new season of style is upon us, many of us might feel tempted to shop for a new spring wardrobe – but you don't have to overhaul your entire look to feel refreshened and brand-new. With small yet effective tweaks, you can give your existing wardrobe a much-needed new-season update.


Wear the same thing, but differently. Sometimes, style is about looking at the same garments in a new way. Love blazers? Throw your favourite one on over jeans, trousers or a dress, but roll the sleeves up. By breaking up the lines of the outfit, this simple trick will add a new dynamic to the look and make it look new and fresh. Practicing different styling tricks on garments you already have also allows you to wear the same garment instead of purchasing something different, which is a win for the planet.

Add a belt. If jeans and t-shirts are your favourite go-to style uniform, add interest by introducing a belt. It doesn't have to be a full-on statement piece with all the bells and whistles – just a simple black or brown vegan leather belt will make the outfit instantly look more current and polished. Style secret: this tip goes particularly well with the next one.

Choose Western boots. Cheat on your classic, traditional ankle boots with an on-trend Western design. This simple switch will give your style more of a contemporary edge. From demure earthy tones to studded black styles or an eye-catching silver hue, we've got your new favourite vegan Western boots here at A Perfect Jane. Get ready to be showered with compliments.

Two words: statement jewellery. How to give a simple, pared-down LBD that extra something? Easy: spice things up with super-sparkly earrings. A boyfriend jean with a white tee? Add a gold chain. Jewellery was made for taking outfits from so-so to sophisticated – choose a few pieces you really love and use them to elevate everyday or evening ensembles. Sustainable tip: check the provenance of any gemstones to avoid conflict areas, and go for recycled gold and silver where possible.

Experiment with new cuts of denim. Jeans will always be a style staple, but changing up your style can transform your whole outfit. If you're always wearing mom jeans, go for a bootcut style, or a daring wide leg. Faithful to the skinnies? Try something baggier. Always wearing pristine blue? Introduce a stone wash or distressed detailing. Experimenting opens up to creativity and could be a pathway to a whole new style.

Add shine with metallic shades. Don't be afraid to shine bright: glam up a simple daytime outfit or a sleek evening look with a single accent item in a metallic hue such as gold, bronze, copper, silver or rose gold. A great way to do this is with your shoes: try our Sofie and Atlantis designs, made with vegan apple leather, in sultry silver.


Choose walkable heels. Nothing kills an outfit like hobbling around in shoes you can't really walk in. And do we want to talk about the discomfort? Looking like you're constantly in pain is the opposite of chic – style should look and feel effortless. Go for a chunky, comfortable heel (like the ones we offer at A Perfect Jane) to saunter into spring with ease.


This season, remember that overindulging in trends is not only counter-productive to great style, but can also mean that we are putting extra strain on the planet. Be mindful of your shopping, and buy to last.


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